Sunday, September 29, 2013

The new Google ground views are up

Almost four months ago (June 5, 2013 to be exact), I told a Google-chasing tale which I can now substantiate, because Google has finally posted up the revised views of Centerpointe. 
Woot!!  Centerpointe Section 9 must now truly exist in the universe because, after 3.5 years of it looking like the empty field it used to be, it finally has its own ground view!  Willow Pointe looking southeast toward Walker Commons

Most images in this post courtesy of Google. 
It was such a pretty day for a photo op, wasn't it??  All those cottony clouds and everyone's lawn was in good shape.
Unfortunately it was also recycling day, so there's a fair amount of crap at our collective curbs. 
There's the children's fort on the vacant land near the southwest corner of Arlington Pointe. 
And there's your blurry blogger in hot pursuit of the Googlemobile as it headed northward up Calder, as I was taking the pics for my June 5 post
Blurryness notwithstanding, when I finally got to see myself thusly, what came to mind was John de Lancie in the Star Trek TNG episode titled "Deja Q" when he exclaims, "I'm immortal again!  Omnipotent again!"
Would you believe someone actually tabulates all these rather obscure quotes? 
Yeah, I know what you're thinking:  Having your image frozen in Google ground view doesn't exactly make you either of those things.  But in internet terms, it does - I have indeed been immortalized thusly.  That sequence of images will probably last at least five years.

So go ahead - don't let me hold you up.  Go check out your own house as it now appears in Google ground view, and make sure there wasn't anything embarrassing in your recycle bin that day while you're at it.  Because Google's photo resolution is so good now, you know, that a lot of stuff is visible that would not have been previously.  Can you imagine all the FUN we could have had if we'd known in advance that the Googlemobile was coming??  There are all kinds of interesting objects I would have inserted into my neighbors' recycle bins.  A little adult literature here, maybe a cardboard box from a relaxing therapeutic device there...  yuk!!
Unlike de Lancie's famous and fun character, my pranks are necessarily limited to just one planet.  And mostly one subdivision on that planet. 

Screengrabbed from an amateur Q tribute vid set to "My Angel Put The Devil In Me"

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