Monday, September 23, 2013

Centerpointe on HGTV, Part 2

People have been asking me for DETAILS, DANG IT!!  I thought it would be enough to publish the date upon which that particular House Hunters episode first aired (September 18), but folks still couldn't find reference to it.  So here's the 411 as best I know it...
... complete with a screengrab from this HGTV page just in case it evaporates.  I can't blame people for asking - this sub-page was not easy to find. 
No, I most certainly do not know how you might program your DVR to automatically record Episode HNT-7712H when it next airs.  I don't even know how to program my own DVR.

I will tell you one thing, though:  Being on HGTV is not all fun and games.  When I went drilling for information on this episode, HGTV wasn't the first reference I found.
Uh-oh, it's the inevitable M4M Craigslist solicitation.  Whatever you do, don't click that link!!! NSFW!!!
And this amusing reference:
Well, dude, if you DO decide to ever live in League City, the first step in any successful coping strategy for dealing with "teaparty central" is to start reading this blog, eh? 

Screengrabbed from a Google search. 
Anyway, that's all I got right now.  I'll check back from time to time to see if HGTV has posted the vid on their site, and if they do, I will snag it for you then.  Unless, of course, teaparty central manages to inspire the Second Coming such that we're all summarily dispatched to our final destinations before I have a chance to embed it. 

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