Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Mosquito madness (again)

I was only about four months too early on my prediction as to when north Galveston County's first mosquito outbreak of the year would hit us hard.
We have been soooo lucky this year in the north county area!  We made it all the way to September prior to the first mega-outbreak.

Screengrab from Galveston County Mosquito Control, partial image of the August 2013 schedule.  They only began spraying in earnest about two weeks ago. 
If you live in Centerpointe, here is one thing to remember:  when Mosquito Control schedule says that they've sprayed "League City", that does not necessarily mean that they sprayed all of League City.
"League City" was reportedly sprayed a few days ago, but (a) we did not hear the truck that day as we usually do, and (b) I can attest from the physical evidence that, as of this morning, Centerpointe has not been sprayed.  I walked into my front yard to hang a new hummingbird feeder and literally had over a hundred mosquitoes land on me inside 30 seconds.  I will spend the next hour killing at least ten mosquitoes that land on me as I'm sitting indoors at my home office desk.  The mosquitoes are about as bad right now as they could possibly get for this area. 
What Mosquito Control sometimes does is split the difference, cruising through part of a city and then coming back a few days later to get the missed sections, which seem to include minor subdivisions such as ours (this spray pattern occurred last year during a major outbreak). 

So don't hesitate to call 800-842-5622 and log your request for spraying.  It can't come soon enough. 
I shed blood to get this new HummZinger Highview Mini installed outside my office window.  But will I get any takers?  Stay tuned.


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