Wednesday, September 25, 2013


I'vE rEquestEd both via Email and commEnt that it bE corrEctEd in thE E-vErsion, although thE frontpagE itsElf is obviously a lost causE:
Low-resolution screengrab of today's front page, Galveston County Daily News.  Look at the article in the lower right hand corner. 
Yes, that article refers to us, but you wouldn't think so from simply reading the title.  It sounds like homeowners in Centerpoint's service area are getting some kind of a tax break, which might make a lot of readers unrealistically joyful until they discover the actual truth of the matter. 
This is not us.  This is not related to us.  We have nothing whatsoever to do with this corporate entity

Screengrabbed from Centerpoint's homepage. 
There is an "E" on the end of Centerpointe.  EEEeeeeeee!!!  I've noted on previous occasions what a pain in the rear end this name similarity is.  It causes routine confusion on a variety of matters.  If nothing else, maybe today's article will serve to raise awareness of the fact that we are a distinct legally-defined and unrelated entity, not some spin-off of a utility corporation analogous to what Exxon did in creating Friendswood Development Company

And oh - the article itself refers to a tax refinancing deal that may lower our PID payments.  More on that later.

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