Thursday, September 19, 2013

Centerpointe on HGTV

I've said it many times to my husband:  "I watch so darned many home improvement shows that it's only a matter of time before I see someone I know featured on one of them.  It WILL happen."

And so last night it came to pass in a proverbial 'all new episode' of House Hunters (is there any such thing as a 'half new episode'??).  Except it wasn't the person that I knew, but the house
Does anyone still have an e-mail address for the H family?  If so, please forward them this postlink.  They might get a kick out of seeing their old house featured on HGTV. 

Screenshots courtesy of HGTV with my television on pause. 
And in this case, it was not one house that I knew, but two.
As the camera panned into the back yard of this different Centerpointe sale contender (not the H's house), I was like, "WAIT FOR IT!!!"  And right on cue, the potential buyer uttered those immortal words:  "Ugh, this is not what I wanted.  It's too small."  Welcome to the world of microscopic back yards, dude! 
But nevertheless, the wise buyer made the decision to invest here anyway:

But I suck, don't I??  I blurred out the danged house number on this screenshot.  And don't a fair number of our 438 fine homes look very similar?  Will you ever be able to figure out which one this is?  Will the suspense kill you outright or will it merely torment you psychologically?! 

HGTV keeps the identities of their guests confidential, so I decided to follow suit (I knew where this one was because I jog in Centerpointe, plus there were other clues).  If you know who this relatively new neighbor is, don't spill the beans in the comment section below.  I'll just remove any identifying info.   
Anyway, a hearty welcome to the buyer from the blogger you'll meet in the near future.  And there's a guy over here in Section 9 that I need to introduce you to as well, because he's the subdivision specialist in growing the kind of trees you are so eager to cultivate.  He lives up the street from that other house you looked at. 

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