Tuesday, January 11, 2011


(Updated August 6, 2013)  This blog began in late 2010 as a non-affiliated general information supplement to our subdivision property owners association, Centerpointe POA

However, life is what happens when we are all making other plans, and in the intervening years, Centerpointe Communicator has grown to become an out-sized general information and local watch-dog site that has less to do with our little subdivision and more to do with life in greater Houston Texas (particularly in the Bay Area / Clear Lake / north Galveston County portions of it) and American suburban life as a whole. 

If you're a member of our subdivision, please continue to feel free to submit information, local concerns, and post ideas to centerpointe.blog (at) gmail.com because we do still cover those issues.  My only request is that your suggested topics be community-oriented, and that they not promote specific special-interest or commercial objectives (this is a non-commercial blog).  As blog moderator, I do editorialize routinely, especially on political issues, but the focus of subdivision matters is COMMUNITY - you know, that diverse collective entity that arises when a bunch of unrelated people dwell in close proximity and sometimes actually interact on a social basis!

If you are instead reading this as a member of the wider world, American or otherwise, please enjoy the content, which largely deals with all of those little daily predicaments that impact homeowners.  You can find topical tabs in the right-hand column of the blog. 

Thanks for reading!
Sunset from Centerpointe Drive,
November 2010

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  1. Please Help!!!!!!!....I need help from the HOA. I am trying to purchase 308 Willow Pointe Dr. The current owner has fees of $5,519.00 from the HOA and he refuses to pay them. We can pay 3,000 of them but no more.(which I do not understand because they are his fees) Me and my fiance would really appreciate it if the HOA could waive the remaining fees. It will also be beneficial to the HOA because if this deal does not happen the house will be forclosed on and the HOA will not recieve any money. Please help! Me and my future wife would love to be a part of your community.


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