Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Googlemobile in League City today

I cropped this pic wide because the kid on the bike was just as surprised as I was to see the legendary mapping machine heading north on Calder around noon today:
A real head-turner:  that kid and I are thus both photographically immortalized!!

See that red blob high above the roof of the car on the triangular stand?  That's the camera array. 
I was actually behind him/her all the way down Centerpointe Drive and up Calder Road until he/she turned into Pecan Forest.
Of course, if we'd known this was coming, we would have gotten some of the kids in Section 9 to dress up in costume and dance around, to make the most of our candid camera opportunity. 

In this view, unfortunately the overhanging trees are concealing the distinctive camera array.  I'm not nearly as efficient with my cameras as Google is with theirs. 
 I was wondering when in the heck they were going to get around to photographing Centerpointe.  If you were to go to Googlemaps Street View today, what you'd see is the following:
The view from West Walker is quite recent.  Section 9 (to the left) is complete.

Screengrabbed from Googlemaps. 
But as soon as you turn onto Centerpointe Drive, the photographic coverage reverts to pre-2009 era (which in suburban terms is ancient history), before Section 9 was even begun. 
Anyway, it'll be interesting to see how long it takes them to load up these new images.  Too bad they had to get to us on the day when most residents have their recycle boxes spilling all over the place.  But with trash/recycle containers out there on the curb three out of every five business days per League City's lousy new trash contract, I guess the statistics were against us for a neat and tidy Google mapping experience.  Oh well. 

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