Sunday, June 30, 2013

Help for the hot

Houston hit a record-smashing one hundred and seven degrees yesterday.  One of the main reasons why I like living in north Galveston County is that it's often cooler here than parts north, due to our proximity to the Gulf.  Our reported high in Centerpointe was a slightly more merciful 103 degrees.

Anyway, when I published this post about attracting birds to a birdbath, I forgot to mention that your wildlife watering device need not be as fancy as a navy blue ceramic birdbath carefully chosen to coordinate with blue planters and blue exterior light fixtures
My thirsty nemesis Mr. Mockingbird making a splash as well as making waves.  Like all mockingbirds, he is about three ounces of pure attitude.  He tends to peck apart my tomatoes, so he doesn't get as much sympathy from me as the resident doves do
As luck would have it, Friends of League City Animal Shelter re-posted a Facebook meme via Memorial Cat Hospital this morning that pretty much sums up the less-expensive alternatives. 
I'd give meme credit where meme credit is due, if I could find it. 
Once again today, we are in for another scorcher, and as I take breaks from housework to plop in front of my computer, I see a steady stream of critters making their way to my navy blue ceramic watering device.  Stay cool and stay watered. 

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