Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Best place to see fireworks in Clear Lake

City of Webster, without question (July 4th festivities description here). 
Try getting that kind of remarkably close view anywhere else around here.  From the 2007 show. 

It's a small city without a lotta people and with a lotta tax money to spend on really cool fireworks (speaking of tax money, did you see that new fire station they are about to finish on SH 3 south of NASA 1?? Wow!!  It looks like Frank Lloyd Wright himself had a hand in it!)

And Webster is conveniently right up the road from those of us who live in Centerpointe.  However, it's also a fairly accessible location if you live in any of the surrounding areas (the Clear Lake annexed areas within City of Houston, all of League City, east Friendswood, maybe even Seabrook and Kemah if you can successfully navigate up NASA Road 1). 

Screengrabbed from Googlemaps.
A Clear Lake Lifer once described Webster's annual fireworks display to me as being the proverbial best-kept secret in Clear Lake.  In past years, we have viewed it from two locations: 
(1) From the Bed Bath and Beyond parking lot, which is west of the municipal park that they commandeer for the event.  This location has a particular advantage in being easy-in, easy-out from the freeway.  The police will block Blossom Street (now on some maps as Plumley Drive) to prevent people from getting too close to the pyrotechnics.  This view from a few years ago is looking roughly north on Blossom from the barricades. 
(2) From the sidewalk along Texas Avenue northwest of the Clear Lake Regional medical center complex.  This is even closer, although Texas Avenue isn't that wide and so you have to deal with cars going back and forth and people rubbernecking through the whole show as you're sitting or laying on the grass (bring a blanket).  The traffic is still not that bad getting in and out of that area, though. 
Happy Fourth!!

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