Saturday, July 20, 2013

Bird bath, Part 2

When I wrote "How to attract birds to a birdbath" almost a month ago, I was curious as to how persistent my avian visitors would prove to be.  After all, I put up that bird bath during a drought interval.  Would the birds keep coming right up next to our house once water became readily available in locations more removed from human contact?  This question was put to the test during the past several days when we finally got rain. 
Answer:  Yes, because they are so habituated to it by now. 
Not only are they well-habituated, they are now a lot more confident about their use of the bath for recreation and socializing.
Look at that relaxed posture.  They don't just drink - they hunker down and hang out.  The mourning doves in particular will sit on the edge and coo in the early morning hours.  A private serenade one foot from my office window. 
Anyway, this is the most fun I've had with a fifty dollar purchase in quite some time.  If I can just keep our dog from slobbering all over the inside of this window, I should be able to continue getting crisp close-up photos like the ones shown above. 

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