Friday, July 5, 2013

Vulture culture

This black vulture I reported on earlier may have been unusually socialized, but this other one I saw today was as skittish as I would expect a suburban vulture to be.
Centerpointe Drive at West Walker Street.  The smaller birds to the right were dive-bombing him.  Songbirds routinely dive-bomb predatory raptors, but I'm not sure why they'd hassle a carrion-eating vulture.  Perhaps they can't tell the difference. 
He seemed to want to focus on something in the immediate area, which suggested that something dead might have been nearby.  But between the songbirds and my intrusive presence, he didn't hang around for very long.
I managed to get just one or two pics before he (or she) was outta there. 
It might not have been carrion that (s)he was after, though, because vultures will eat everything and anything.  I strongly suspect that someone is leaving dog food outside, somewhere on the northeast side of Centerpointe, and (s)he may have been after that instead.  I'll comment more on that in one of my next posts. 
Might they be finding dog food around here?  The internet says that they can be intentionally attracted by placing meat scraps outside, but I don't know if they would seek out anything that is meat-containing, like pet food. 

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