Saturday, June 8, 2013

Yonder yoga

Butler Longhorn Museum has sort of announced yoga classes, although without a direct link to full information.
Giddy-up meets gatha.  This was distributed via an email blast, but without a link-through to details such as fees or venue details (bring your own mat?) or what is meant by these participation levels.
If you're a regular reader, you'll remember that I recently published this recent post praising Butler Longhorn's intensifying development, and this other recent post enumerating yoga options in the Clear Lake area (which didn't include "Moonlight Yoga" because I had never heard of it).  Now the two can be lashed together like livestock to a hitching blogpost. 

Although the email blast didn't contain details, when I Googled "Moonlight Yoga", I found this page making reference to the classes held at Butler.  This organization's website is sparsely populated with details, however.  Their Facebook page seems to be getting more traffic, but the content is more anecdotal than practical.  I'll drop 'em a line and see if I can later amend this hitching blogpost with additional info such as fees (or expected donations) and who they might be hoping to lasso via the Longhorn announcement (sorry - can't seem to help myself with them ranch references).

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