Saturday, June 22, 2013

Dove is in the air...

...everywhere I look around....
After two successive sterile clutches of eggs earlier this spring, the ol' battle ax finally managed to punch out a young 'un.  Just one though - not the usual set of twins.  The ovaries obviously ain't what they used to be.  Neither are mine.    
She looks like an old bird, doesn't she??  Her eyes have more crow's feet than mine do, if that's even physically possible.  Which is what brings the song "Love is in the Air" to mind in a punny sort of way, because it, too, is older than dirt (1977, to be exact). 

Well, she's certainly had a good run at life, successfully fledging at least six and soon to be seven chicks from her perch under our patio.  I doubt if she'll make it to number eight, but she's probably done better than the majority of her species.

By the way, if doves get crow's feet, does that mean that crows get dove's feet?? 

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