Sunday, June 23, 2013

The pink lollipop car

You'll never see another one quite like it.
IH-45 service road northbound at League City Parkway, about a week ago. 
I did a major double-take upon pulling up behind it at a red light.  The internet being what it is, a quick Googling of the search string 'Texas pink loli pop car' (using the license plate's abbreviated spelling) revealed this October 2012 blog entry, where the car was identified as a Nash Metropolitan, and where its owner self-identified as Tina Keeling who, in turn, was readily identifiable through Galveston County Appraisal District as a League City resident living literally a stone's throw from Centerpointe. 

You'll notice one difference in the car as it appeared last week relative to its 2012 portraiture

If clothes make the man, then eyelashes make the woman. 

IH-45 service road at Link Road.  
Yes, Loli Pop gained eyelashes at some point in the intervening months, and I do believe they complete the overall package.  Artistically speaking, they were sorely needed to counterbalance the pink fuzzy dice.

That statement might sound a bit flippant, but I don't mean it that way.  Well all have our hobby preferences and it's fascinating to see what other people choose as their artistic focus.  With me, it tends to be suburban tract home re-interpretation (and blogging thereof).  With other folks, it's cars or sports or kite-making or worm-farming or one of an innumerable collection of other endeavors.  Women in all their forms, including stereotypical personifications, are profoundly underrepresented in just about everything having to do with the design and general manifestation of cars, so it's neat to see this cute little automotive ambassador cruising around and so vividly representing a rarely-seen example of femininity.  You go, girl.  All 1,200 cc's of you. 

And yes, I know it's a Metropolitan, not an Ambassador.  I was using the term descriptively.

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