Sunday, October 28, 2012

Re-psychling the trash contract

This article in this morning's Galveston County Daily News discusses the re-bidding of League City's trash contract, and on that subject, I have two questions:

1.  Why on earth do we have twice-weekly trash collection in this city?!  Is City Council not aware of the fact that our neighboring two million Houstonians get along just splendidly with once-weekly collection, and have for much of eternity?  Twice as much service tends to result in something approaching twice as much cost.  And then folks complain about the cost.  Does this make sense?
Here is an excerpt from one of the City of Houston trash collection maps for the Clear Lake City area.  It says "Thursday", period.  Not multiple times per week.

2.  If the contract really is awarded to the low bidder, which is Republic Waste, are we going to have to paint our illicit recycle rollies to match their particular color scheme?
Current contractor Ameriwaste uses bright red recycling receptacles.
As I explained in this post from earlier this year, several of us here in Centerpointe (not just me) decided not to use those inconvenient open-topped bins, and instead painted our own rollies to match the Ameriwaste color scheme, so that the trash crews would recognize them as recycle containers...
...but Republic's color scheme tends to emphasize blue.
Truck pic screengrabbed from here
This second question is mostly a matter of bemusement, of course. 

But seriously, why are the good citizens of League City poised to pay $30 million for trash services when it seems like they could be paying significantly less??  Imagine what could be done with the money that could be saved by streamlining the service to a once-per-week schedule - millions and millions of dollars, maybe a tiny bit of which could be instead spent on installing sidewalks...

A public meeting on this issue has reportedly been scheduled for November 8 (although those meetings aren't listed on the LC calendar yet).  If I find the time, I will go and ask exactly that question. 

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