Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Careful with Sample Ballots

So, early voting began yesterday...
From the www.Vote411.org website.
...but when I Googled for our sample ballot, I got this site...
Note the date embedded in this URL but not stated explicitly on the page itself: 2009.  They should have hauled down that old page because it's confusing to people (I just got a message from one such person who began reading the old ballot without realizing it was from 2009, which is why I know about this).  Should have hauled down this old page but, you know, the Galveston County Clerk's office has had a number of issues on their collective minds lately, so perhaps they just didn't get around to it. 

Don't use Google to go after this info.  Instead, to get to the new sample ballot pages, you have to go to the Galveston County Clerk's current homepage and drill down through the menu until you get to a page that looks like this (or just click this link given here):
And then follow the links for your Precinct (which in the case of Centerpointe, I suspect that the entire subdivision is Precinct 454, which will take you to this sample ballot).

I'll have more on the guts of that ballot later, if time permits.

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