Friday, October 19, 2012

Barrier street marker down

I uttered a few expletives yesterday upon seeing this:
Centerpointe Drive at West Walker.
It's supposed to look like this: the large red and white striped barrier marker to remind drivers that Centerpointe Drive terminates here.
It could be that this came down on accident, but it's curious that it fell toward the street.  If a car had bumped it, one would think that it would have tipped over backwards.  It's also possible that Earthworks (the Centerpointe landscape maintenance contractor) knocked it over as they were mowing the retention ponds the other day. 

Or it could be that it was intentionally knocked down in preparation for more development because contractors will need to access the adjacent tract of land through this dead-end street segment.  I haven't seen any "sold" signs on this West Walker tract, but that tract is not listed in HAR's Commgate to start with, so who knows?  All I know is that development is starting to happen so fast around here that I can't keep up with it. 

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