Tuesday, October 16, 2012

League City Parkway lane closure

With today's technology, there's no good reason why we should have to get all caught up in the likes of this mess:
State Highway 96 (League City Parkway) westbound prior to West Walker Street, late this afternoon.  Traffic was backed up almost to State Highway 3 when I went through.  Of course, had there been notice given or at least an advisory sign posted prior to the snarl, I and a few hundred other folks could have diverted northbound on Highway 3.   
I think I'm signed up to receive just about every automated email blast known to mankind.  I get useless cheery notices from various political offices and yet somehow a lot of the mission-critical information simply doesn't make it onto those systems.  Like the fact that this segment of League City Parkway is going to be a complete goat-fornication for an unknown length of time.  It's not possible to close an arterial lane without some kind of a permit, so this is not a secret to the folks who call the mobility shots.  Can't someone in "authority" produce a real-time FYI on this kind of stuff??  Or at least require the responsible party to include a marquee in their traffic control plan? This segment of the road was delayed for a full 20 minutes.
Just to add insult to injury, the closed lane was fouling up the traffic light sensors and prompting this light at West Walker to short-cycle.  Some of the westbound greens were only enough to let a couple of cars through at a time.  Gosh knows I had ample time to sit there and count the seconds between light changes. 
There's nothing about these kinds of events on the TxDOT advisory site.  Nothing in the League City email blasts and nothing on their mobility improvement site (SH 96 is technically under TxDOT authority but they may have delegated certain functions to League City - I don't know). 

So I don't know what this is for, and I don't know how long it is expected to last.  If anyone has any secret info-sources for this kind of thing, please inbox me.


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