Wednesday, October 10, 2012

New water meters?

So earlier today there came a guy dressed like this in a truck that looks like this with a League City ID badge type thing strung around his neck.
He reported that he was here to switch out our water meter.  I said, "But the danged thing is only two years old" and he said something about League City going to a new type of meter and I should have gotten notified by mail. 

I don't remember getting notified by mail but I'm not infallible.  I do check my mail fairly closely but nothing comes to memory.

So heck, I checked the League City website for information on this issue and this is what I found:
Apparently yes, they do have some kind of program in process and it looks danged expensive.  But according to this, it is barely underway.

Screengrabbed from this page.
So these folks have just barely begun this program and I just happened to have gotten chosen for a replacement? 

Unfortunately I was busy today so I could not stalk this poor dude to see how many homes he did and in what areas.  I don't know if I was a rare case or simply a nameless faceless part of a much larger mass conversion effort.

I wondered if perhaps League City maybe thinks my existing meter is on the fritz.  I haven't said anything about this on this blog yet, but I put in a rainwater harvesting system late last year and our muni water use plummeted.  Perhaps they think they're getting hosed or something by virtue of a bad meter at my place.

Yeah, I know.  Getting hosed.  I can't help these things.

Anyway, if you're one of the lucky ones to have gotten a new meter recently, let me know if you have any stories to tell about it.  And if you happen to come home from work one evening and your faucets start burping and farting like there's a lot of air in your water line, this meter replacement thing might be your explanation.  Let your taps run for a while to clear out the gunk, particularly if your lines are PEX.

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