Wednesday, October 3, 2012

New development on West Walker

Should we offer a prize to whoever can decipher the ID of Centerpointe's newest flanking commercial-addition-to-be??
Lousy pic yesterday in the pouring rain... there's a better pic at the end of this post.  It's the subdivided tract just north of the new Gas Dude.  The stormwater controls (silt fencing) have gone up and the SWPPP sign has been erected, but there is no developer info posted on it yet.
I had already noticed a few weeks back that the original tract in this location had been subdivided yet again and recorded as such in Galveston CAD:
The tract I'm talking about is 1B which has the words "Century Sub" on it.
There seem to be errors in Galveston CAD right now, so it can be hard to research this section of properties.  The CAD has some of the adjacent Centerpointe Section 9 addresses incorrectly listed as being in Section 5, for instance, and those addresses are pinned to the wrong plats.  And it's a challenge to back-track from plat maps to landholder records because they don't clearly display the tract numbers on the plats. 
Fortunately GCAD's GIS map is working this morning (I can't always access it) which allows retrieval of the tract number:

Here is the corresponding ownership for that tract:

This doesn't tell me much and neither does this corporation's accessible franchise record as posted on the Secretary of State website.  This old Chron story suggests that Bearotti was instrumental in the development of Walker Commons across the street, and I'm wondering if that CAD record above is residual from their larger transactions here, rather than indicative of who is developing that tract now.  There also doesn't seem to be a listing for this property in the most recent Ultimate Clear Lake franchise summary.  As usual, not having access to a precise street address hampers the sleuthing. 

So I've got no answers at this moment.  Perhaps Laura would like to take a stab at it (hint, hint).
Who am I?!
The busy-bodies of this world need to know!!

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  1. Any word on was is going on in the large field just south of Walker up by the city buildings? a temp fence has been erected around the whole area in the past few days


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