Saturday, March 2, 2013

Tragedy on El Dorado Boulevard

You'll forgive me the melodramatic post title, but my heart is shattered and it may never mend.

Driving up to Korean BBQ on El Dorado Blvd. yesterday, my heart was clearly not the only thing that was shattered. 
Oops!  I'm not sure what happened here, but I hope nobody was hurt.  I suspect that workers may have been trying to dismount the Korean BBQ sign when this whole section descended in an uncontrolled manner.
And why would they be trying to dismount the Korean BBQ sign?  Because, sadly, the restaurant appears to have closed.
This sign has been in the window for about the past two weeks.  The telephone is "not a working number" and obviously from this post-script refering to CenterPoint Energy, the electricity is being turned off.
This is the same restaurant I blogged about just this past November.
And it's the same restaurant that made Alison Cook's Top 100, which is pretty amazing when you consider that there are over ten thousand restaurants in our area.  Korean BBQ was arguably greater Houston's best Korean restaurant. 
I'm not sure if this restaurant is moving to a new location or is closing permanently, but the lack of a forwarding address and absence of an explanatory statement do not bode well.  Given Alison's history with the place, I'll forward this post URL to her to see if she has any 411. 

Update:  Alison has a Feb 27 Twitter entry confirming that the restaurant is closing.  I don't do Twitter so it took me a while to locate a reference to it. 

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