Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Annual POA meeting, Part 1: In general

Centerpointe POA's annual meeting was last night, and was well-attended, with both a quorum of residents and a special guest (the League City Assistant Chief of Police) in attendance.
438 families.
One POA.
One unaffiliated blogger.
An out-sized local presence. 

Screengrab from Googlemaps
I'll have a series of upcoming posts that cover some interesting highlights of that meeting, which are too numerous for one blog post. 

In the meantime, I'd like to re-emphasize two points as follows:

(1) Centerpointe Communicator is not an instrument of the Centerpointe POA.  The blog merely incorporated the geographic place name in its title because your friendly neighborhood blogger lives here and is concerned about issues that directly and indirectly impact this area.  Last night, one resident asked why the POA cannot be more involved with certain "issues" that affect us.  The answer is that some of that potential involvement clearly would be beyond their authority.  The POA is an incorporated entity responsible for the administration and maintenance of this subdivision.  To expand that presence beyond its legally-mandated role would expose it to liability.  The POA cannot editorialize.  The POA cannot even provide a web link to this blog for fear that it would be construed as endorsing certain political positions for which it might then be liable.  Certain "issues" are therefore the purview of other independent groups including (but not limited to) this blog, rather than the POA. 

Last night, someone offered the perspective that the POA is "for the subdivision" whereas the blog is "for the residents".  I had never conceived of the distinction as succinctly as that, but I like it. 

This is also the reason why your blogger can't serve on the POA.  I've been asked to do that by a number of residents in the past, but it would clearly represent an unacceptable conflict of interest. 

(2) Thanks to everyone who feeds me tidbits of information.  Because the POA and the blog are unrelated and unaffiliated, we "run in different circles", so to speak.  As a result of this, we occasionally get exposed to the same rumors originating from different sources.
Two entities hearing the same information from different sources can help with the truth triangulation process. 

Microsoft clip art.
I've learned over the past few years that bloggers are defined as much by what they don't say out loud as by what they do transmit in the form of blog posts.  There are a number of pending local issues right now - a number of them - about which I haven't spoken because, at this early point, it wouldn't do anyone any good to go there.  I need to see which way those cookies start crumbling before I issue any alerts or voice any opinions on them.  But being tipped off in advance helps keep my mental satellite dish pointed in the directions from which further signals will most likely originate. 

So thanks, and thanks, and stay tuned for more. 

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