Monday, March 25, 2013

Quorum quandary

The annual POA meeting is tomorrow night...
Screengrabbed from the announcement. 
Aaaand once again, they don't have enough proxy sheets at this point:
Here's a screengrab... not the greatest quality, but you can read it.

You can get more info on the meeting by clicking the link on the POA homepage
This is a problem because unless they get at least X number of these things returned, they can't take action on anything.  X is 10% of the total homeowners, which is somewhere north of 40.  As of today, HAR says we have 405 homes, but I don't believe that's been updated to reflect all of Section 9. 

The Associa website doesn't seem to have anything on this meeting, but I believe you can email completed forms to our facilitator, or submit by FAX to 281-218-6973 by 5 pm tomorrow (Tuesday).  

Or, just to make it easy, you can also stop by J's house and sign one of the blank forms hanging in the Walmart shopping bag on the doorknob. 

Or, you could just come to the meeting!!  I've been to them in years past.  They aren't that bad.  Really. 

This blog, by the way, is not associated with the Centerpointe POA.  The POA is a legal entity charged with fulfilling certain logistical functions for this subdivision.  I'm simply one of the mouthpieces who happens to live here. 

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