Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Comet schmomet

Meh.  I hereby pronounce Comet PanSTARRS to be underwhelming, given that neither my husband nor I could actually see it with the naked eye.
Click on the photo to enlarge it, because you're not going to see it otherwise. There are only two celestial objects visible in this frame: the slivery waxing crescent moon to the right, and a teeny tiny smudge to the far left of the moon at about ten o'clock. I was only able to detect the latter object after returning home to process these photos, which explains why this artistic composition is just plain bad: I didn't quite know what I was aiming for.

Retention ponds looking west across West Walker toward the Cypress Pointe intersection.
Here is close-up of Teeny Tiny Smudge.  In terms of quality, it starts to remind you of my crummy great horned owl cell phone pics, doesn't it?  It's a great ball of ice hurtling through the solar system, but I'd need a much better photo op to do it justice. 

Oh well.  The hubster tells me that Comet Ison is supposed to be a more impressive viewing op come this December.  Until then, I think I'll stick to ogling Orion which, by the way, is directly overhead.   You can't miss it. 

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