Thursday, March 7, 2013

Mail mysteries

The League City Post Office continues to perplex me, as it did back in December when we were having serious issues with it

This latest issue involved a critical document that one of my subcontractors Express Mail'd to me for delivery by noon.  This early delivery cost me about twenty-three bucks and I was actively waiting for it.

The mail carrier brought the envelope to my door, rang the bell, and then immediately walked back toward the USPS truck with envelope in hand (it required a delivery signature), without so much as a token effort to see if someone actually answered the door. 

I could see this event unfolding through my front window, because I was sitting eleven feet from the door.  I sprang at the door and yelled something that was reasonably civilized but clearly exasperated, "Um, you might want to wait just ten seconds after you ring the bell to give folks time to answer."  No comment from the carrier - just a slow shuffle back toward the front door and thankfully I was then able to sign for my envelope.  If I had been twenty feet from the door instead of eleven (I measured it), I'm not sure that I would have been able to get to the door on time. 

Perhaps I'm just overly suspicious of this Post Office because of what happened to us in December, but this whole thing struck me as a little weird.  It's entirely possible that there was a sudden and compelling reason for the carrier to wheel around and return to the mail truck without any reasonable attempt to wait for the door to be answered.  If so, I don't know that circumstance might have been. 

The above discourse represents my subjective personal opinion as to what transpired in this instance.  One of our security cameras recorded an objective version. 

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