Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Whatever happened to Hans Mongolian?

It was a familiar sight in an unlikely location for twenty years:
SB IH-45 south of NASA 1 - "the old Fiesta shopping center", as Clear Lake Lifers tend to call it. 
In a complex that mostly included outlet and big box retailers, it succeeded despite being a non-mainstream cuisine and very difficult to access (the location, location, location issue being originally cited in the Fiesta closing of many years ago). 
According to the word on the street, the man who founded it in 1992 (reportedly, his name actually was Hans) decided to retire.  He then sold the business to his nephew, who "ran it into the ground", is what some people have said.  I have no idea whether there's any truth to that.  I did a brief internet search and while some of the ratings sites note that it closed, there doesn't seem to be a story available anywhere. 

Anyway, it's frustrating for us healthy eaters in Clear Lake because this makes at least three key healthy restaurant closings of late.  The two others that come to mind are:
Well, at least Hans Mongolian BBQ managed to have a good run (and a minor cult following).  I'm sure glad it lasted as long as it did. 
Closed Mondays.  And every other day, too, unless someone steps in and takes it over. 
And by the way, just as a post-script, like Hans, that original Fiesta Mart store was revolutionary for its time.  Here's an excerpt from Wikipedia:

Screengrabbed from this sub-site

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