Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Woman of Steele, Part 2: Great minds

I was watching one of the syndicated regurges of This Old House last night, and what to my wondering eyes did appear but an entire kitchen mocked up out of mostly cardboard plus a few plywood scraps.
It was simply magnificent, and held together largely using duct tape, which enhanced the cardboard appeal.  BTW, did you know that this TV series has been on the air since 1979?!
That would be the refrigerator on the left.  Upper cabinets on the right.  I had never seen this kind of adult make-believe behavior before from anyone except myself. 
TOH and I are actually not competing for Nerd of the Year with this stuff.  Once mocked up, it was extremely easy to see which kitchen configuration made maximum sense for that home depicted above.  And the same was true for the mock-up of the Steele Canvas Basket laundry buggy (aka "elevated truck") that I purchased at the same time as my shelf-dwelling 2-bushel storage bins which I described in this previous post.
It was offered in three sizes:
...and Large.   
A laundry buggy is the type of product that I could have lived my entire life without and been none the worse for wear, but it does make a bothersome chore more efficient. 
Plus, I get to chase the dog while pushing it across our whole-house ceramic floor like a giant canvas curling stone, so it offers a certain existential value that exceeds its obvious design function.   
But seriously, until I created its footprint out of cardboard, I had no earthly idea which size would work best in this house.  To derive that information, I had to cut it out and position it in the master bedroom closet, in the laundry room, and in front of the family room TV, which are the three most likely places where it will spend its time as a chic art object of the organic industrial persuasion. 
It turned out that the smallest size worked best. 
Regarding that large black thing on the right, see this previous introduction to The Monolith.  2010: A Suburban Space Renovation Odyssey
And the smallest size also holds more than you might assume.  No problem swallowing a week's worth of laundry for two adults. 
Anyway, here's to cardboard, great minds thinking alike, and dogs who are every bit as foolish as their owners.

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