Wednesday, July 2, 2014

New construction at West Walker and League City Parkway

You may have noticed this just south of the SH 96 - West Walker intersection:
Somebody is breaking ground on something.  "SWPPP" stands for (construction) storm water pollution prevention plan.  
I haven't peered intently at the SWPPP notice in order to identify the contractor and/or the owner, but I believe that this might be the beginning of the new 368-unit Watermark apartment complex that was referenced six months ago by Houston Chronicle (paywalled), reported more recently by Galveston County Daily News (paywalled), and referenced two days ago by Houston Business Journal.

I don't have more information than that speculation, in part because Galveston CAD has been plagued with technical issues for as long as I've ever used it (i.e., years).  I'll have to report more when the info becomes available.
Even when it does get updated with current real estate transactions, a lot of it doesn't run properly.  
There are a variety of errors that tend to stymie any given property research effort.  
These issues are no secret to anyone, including the CAD itself.  How many billions of dollars worth of appraised property do we have in Galveston County, and yet we can't even get a simple GIS system to run properly??  I've never seen this kind of shenanigans occur with HCAD, which is a Sherman tank of a robust website.  

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