Sunday, July 6, 2014

Centerblog on Pinterest

FYI, I am now Pinteresting via
I'm taking just the best content posts (minus the blabbermouth editorials) and consolidating them for easy reference under a series of headings.  
With more than 650 blog posts by this time, I've basically lost mental control of my own content.  And Blogger doesn't help - despite being a Google product, it has one of the worst search engines I've ever seen.  I can't find half of what I search for, even when I'm sure of my keywords.  Even if I search by tags (labels), it's unworkably cumbersome.  I don't think the developers figured that the average blogger would be as prolific as I am, because the tools don't match the task.  
Recursive screengrabs from Pinterest. 
Some of my stuff gets Pinterested by other internet users anyway, so I decided to start consolidating all of that in one visually-navigable place.  So if you think that you once saw something mildly interesting on this blog, browsing through Pinterest might be your most efficient way to re-access it.
And you only have to look at all my garden critters if you choose to.

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