Tuesday, July 22, 2014

More cool stuff at CLS Farmers Market

A few pics here to showcase some of our local micro-entrepreneur craftspeople who occasionally sell at the Clear Lake Shores Farmers Market, which unfortunately has a downed website as of this writing, but it's every Saturday morning in Clear Lake Shores... just drive down there and you can't miss it.  And/or you can find it pretty easily on Facebook.  Happily, most of what this market sells is actual home-grown and home-made food (rather than being a made-in-China trinket outlet posing as a farmers market, which some of them are), but there are also some wonderful local handicrafts among the offerings.  

In no particular order...
Kitchen cutting boards crafted by RELEAF using recycled wood.  This business has no website that I know of, but you can find the proprietor on Facebook by searching for 'RELEAF'.  
Superb artistry.  My cell phone pics don't do them justice.  Wonderful gift ideas here.  
Raised garden planters from TX Green Beds.  I myself garden in stock tanks and discarded highway culvert scraps, but this is another good option for folks who have limited spaces and/or limited mobility.  
Robin's Cedar Planters, also on Facebook.  These are ingeniously constructed so that they are collapsible for easy transport.  Most of them will fit into the back seat of a passenger car once folded up.  Prices are very reasonable.  
I like this pic because it shows how a Robin's planter can be incorporated into a standard existing suburban landscape as a focal point.  Screengrabbed from Facebook.  
This customer put the planter on casters so that it could be rolled around a patio as needed.  For gardeners with limited spaces, these things would be great.  They'd also be excellent for strawberry-growing.  Screengrabbed from Facebook.  
I took business cards for two of these proprietors but I don't have a card for RELEAF.  
Remember to check with the market's Facebook page before you go to see which vendors will be present on any given Saturday.  Not every vendor attends every market.

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