Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Full frontal

I figured you might need photographic evidence, so here it is:
West Walker northbound at League City Parkway.  Strong northwest wind, as evidenced by the flags.  
Yyyyup.  That's a frontal boundary.  In mid-July.  In Houston.  
If I'd had the time this afternoon, I would have listened to the air traffic control chatter via LiveATC, because I bet there were some "WTF?!" comments from the pilots.  Commercial traffic has been landing to the north for several hours now.

I attempted to find out when we last had a significant cold front in July (as opposed to one of those pathetic waves that drops the temp 1 or 2 degrees).  This NOAA site suggests that it may have been as long ago as 20 years.  Here's hoping you can go outside for at least a few minutes to enjoy the rareness of it.

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