Friday, May 10, 2013

Water water everywhere

"The most obvious and important realities are often the ones that are the hardest to see and talk about." 

That's what I meant the other day when I said that mitigated speech can kill - the difficulty in "talking about it" is what produces the deleterious results. 

That's also what I meant when I crafted the tag line for this hopelessly-suburban blog with all of its hopeful anti-cookie-cutter, anti-tract-home expressive ambitions:  Shouldn't our experiences here be just as deep as the pockets needed to fund them?  They actually can be, but only if viewed through the lens of an appropriately-insightful world view. 

If you've got ten minutes to spare, this extraordinary short film titled "This Is Water" knits together both of those ideas and much more.  It's a creative new animation of the late David Foster Wallace's unmitigated 2005 address to the graduating class of Kenyon College, the address which HuffPost calls "perhaps the greatest commencement speech of all time."  The film has gone viral within the past couple of days, and it thrashes so many exhausted suburban stereotypes that I can't resist embedding it here in this hopeful suburban blog, even though I rarely resort to basing posts on external content.  Enjoy.

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