Saturday, May 11, 2013

Applying for a passport in League City

The summer travel season is fast approaching, so I thought I'd jot down some passport information here in case anyone could make use of it.  The information in this post is current as of today's date (May 11, 2013).  Re-verify it for yourself if you're reading this at a later date. 

Briefly, you can make an in-person passport application at the League City Post Office, but some of the related information given on the internet is not correct as of today.
First of all, the telephone number given on the official USPS website is not a working number. 
Try 281-554-9219 instead.

Screengrabbed from the USPS website.
Amusingly, the City of League City website is the only resource I could find that actually lists the correct Post Office phone number, something I discovered only by Googling the number itself. 

Screengrabbed from this site
Second of all, the hours listed on the USPS website are not correct according to a gentleman I finally spoke to at the League City Post Office.  They actually stop accepting applications at 2 pm, not 3 pm as advertised.
This availability wouldn't work for me because I was tasked with submitting a passport application for a minor child who is in school during the times indicated (passports for minor children cannot be renewed by mail).  The LC Post Office man suggested that I instead make the application at the North County Annex instead, because the District Clerk's office will accept them until 4 p.m. on weekdays (which I did confirm).
Third of all, when I phoned the Annex to confirm, I found that the number published for it is also wrong - it rings through to the main facility in Galveston (but the FAX does ring at the correct location). 
Try 281-316-8729 instead. 
Ain't bureaucracy grand??

Screengrabbed from this site
Fourth of all, you can make your passport application at the Annex, but they don't do photos at that location.  The Post Office does do photos, but only before 2 p.m.  Therefore, if you're constrained to after-school hours, you have to go to yet another destination to get the photos.  The closest location to the Annex is the Walgreens at FM 518 and Calder Road.  Call their photo department ahead of time at 281-332-3445 to verify that a worker will be present who can do it.  Cost is about $11 for an in-store photo, and I think you might also be able to use your own photo printed via the kiosk passport photo option, but we were in a rush and simply had them take a pic and print it in the correct size. 

Fifth of all, make sure you take your checkbook with you to the Annex if you use that facility.  They have to send the check on to the State Department and I don't believe they can accept cash. 

Minor children under age 16 need both parents in attendance to sign the application in front of the receiving official, or they need an absent parent to submit both a notarized statement and a photocopy of their drivers license (both sides).  The parent in attendance also has to submit a TDL copy (both sides). 

This is an incomplete description of the process, so read the websites and passport instruction pages for further info.  The passport application forms and explanatory pages can be found here.  And good luck to ya. 

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