Thursday, May 9, 2013

More construction on West Walker

This time I don't think it's going to be anything like the gas stations and commercial warehouses we've seen closer to the intersection of League City Parkway...
It's this tract, R440733, which GalvestonCAD still has in the name of the apparent investor LC Partners LP.

Screengrabbed from GalvestonCAD.   
There appeared to be construction along the southern fenceline yesterday, and it didn't seem to be connected to the pipeline installation that is still underway in the adjacent Interurban easement.
There was an excavator...
...and a number of underground appurtenances. 
I didn't get a good look at what they were doing, but at one point it almost seemed as if they might have been installing some components for a lift station.  The work appeared to be on the vacant land side of the apartment complex fence, but again, I didn't get a good look earlier in the day when most of the action was transpiring (these two pics were taken yesterday evening).

There have been rumors circulating about a potential buyer for this property for a couple of months now.  I didn't publish any of that stuff for lack of substantiation.  If indeed this tract is now about to be developed, I guess we'll know soon enough what will be flanking Centerpointe Section 9. 

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  1. Laura Elder of Galveston County Daily News emailed me that this is actually work connected with the ongoing adjacent pipeline installation, not work on the referenced tract, as it initially appeared to be.


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