Friday, March 7, 2014

Two events tomorrow at the Pasadena Fairgrounds

You get two for the price of one, sort of.
Always a popular event.  Mega-popular.  Trust me - a lot more than 11 people are going (I must have screengrabbed this about two tenths of a second after it was posted to FB).

More information here:  
Here is the 411 on both events, screengrabbed from this source.  The rock show is in the main convention center.  The plant show is sort of behind that in another part of the complex.  You'll see signs directing traffic if you go out there.  
If you'd like to know more about the barely-advertised Clear Lake Gem and Mineral Society show, I posted lots of photos from last year's show here. It's really a neat event (here's a Yelp description).

If you've never been to this annual Harris County Master Gardeners plant sale before, dress comfortably, get there early, and be prepared for some major intensity including long lines and lots of waiting.  They have a cult following and usually sell out completely.  If you're not early, you probably won't be able to buy what you want.

Happy weekend.

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