Sunday, March 16, 2014


While we're on my favorite obsessional subject of Clear Lake grocery stores, the Kemah Aldi opened a few months ago and I finally got to drop in yesterday to check it out.
It's a grocery store.  A very unusual one.  From Germany.  
You may have heard from the news stories that there's a 25-cent deposit for use of the shopping carts.  This is how that works.  You insert a quarter into the slot, and it releases the chain and frees the cart.  Your quarter remains embedded in the slot until you return the cart and shove the dangling chain back into the other end of the locking device, at which time it releases the quarter.  Pretty simple.  And guess what, duh??  No shopping carts drifting around the parking lot conspiring to give you door dings.  
I don't think we're in America any more, Toto.  About three quarters of the brands for sale were unfamiliar to me.  
My verdict is as follows:  While I wouldn't eat most of what's for sale in that store, I wouldn't eat most of what's for sale in any grocery store.  Aldi would probably never become my sole-source grocer because of the lack of variety - it reminded me of grocery stores I've seen in rural Canada in its acutely no-frills presentation. But I will definitely stop there again the next time I'm driving down to the far east end of FM 518.

One thing was clear - if the cost of groceries is a significant concern for you, this might be your place to go, because some of the prices appeared to be lower than even Sam's Club or Walmart.
My Aldi haul-di:
  • Two six-packs of applesauce (an inefficient, expensive method of buying applesauce, but they fit neatly into my husband's lunch pail).
  • A package of whole wheat spaghetti
  • Three garlic heads
  • 8 ounces of Swiss cheese
  • One flat of fresh blueberries
  • One flat of fresh blackberries - and they were the most delicious that we've had in a long time
  • A bottle of German sauerkraut, because there's always room for real sauerkraut
Total price for these eight items:  $12.01.
Not bad for including cheese and fresh fruit.  

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