Saturday, March 15, 2014

Name that Clear Lake grocery store

Did you watch Nat Geo's "Live From Space" special last night?  If so, you may have caught a glimpse of this:
Photograph of my TV set as the unusual show was being broadcast live.  
The line at the top of that wall undoubtedly reads "Thank you for shopping your Clear Lake..." but then the name of the original store appears to have been pulled off the wall, probably because the store changed hands and the new chain never bothered to add their name.  So which store is this, and where is it located??

I was extremely surprised by the show's suggestion that ISS astronauts are fed regular grocery store food (albeit prepared via a complex process usually involving freeze-drying).  I've known a few people who have worked at McMurdo in Antarctica, and they explained to me that the food there was exceptionally good quality (e.g., this post, although I don't know that particular person).  The reason behind this was very simple:  it costs so much to transport the food to the station that the cost of food itself becomes negligible in comparison.  Therefore, it might as well be the best possible quality.

I was assuming that the same is generally true of the Space Station.  Do they really eat mainstream Clear Lake grocery store food?!  If so, maybe they should be getting extra hazard pay.

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