Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Five Corners frustration

If you drive on FM 518, you've no doubt experienced what's been transpiring at League City's infamous "Five Corners" intersection these past several weeks.
Traffic has been even crappier than usual as new turn lanes and new turn restrictions are installed.  I had plenty of time to snap cell phone pics such as this one, given that it sometimes takes me three light cycles to get through the danged intersection.  
BTW, how did a Minnesota contractor get this job?  If we had a local newspaper, we might see stories on that kind of thing.  
I haven't heard commentary of any kind on this latest Five Corners project.  There's this City of League City page, but I have the following concerns with it:

  1. It's undated.  The relatively new League City website rarely adds dates to any entry, making it pretty much impossible to verify whether the information presented is the latest and greatest.  There have been so many detailed historical accounts of what may or may not happen at Five Corners that I can't be sure this information is applicable to what is occurring present-day.  Other official documents such as this one are similarly un-dated.  I have to go back to commercial news stories such as this one in 2010 before I can even get a sense of where we were (past tense) on this issue.  
  2. It's nebulously written, without context, and with a lot of stuff undefined.  "A new design that reduces the turning movements through this acute angled intersection was adopted and approved by TxDOT eliminating the bypass".  Really?  Adopted by TxDOT when?  Why?  And what happened to this "bypass" idea and why?  Context, anyone?  Frame of reference?  Timeline?  Rationale?  
  3. It lacks visual aids (diagrams, maps, photographs) that would help the reader to comprehend the full scope of work.  A total of $5.2 million will be spent here??  Surely a few concreted turn lanes do not add up to that kind of money?  What else can we hapless League City motorists expect?  

If I had the time, I'd pay more attention to this issue because it affects my family greatly.  It is not uncommon for me to have to drive through Five Corners a mind-numbing six times per day (three traverses in each direction).  If that sounds bat-sh*t crazy to you, then you probably don't have a young high-schooler in your household.  Even if my child takes the morning bus alleviating a need for me to drive her to school, I still need to pick her up at Clear Creek High School following afternoon tutorials and club meetings, and then drive her to her Drivers Education program, and then pick her back up from Driver Ed after class.

Hopefully this post will plant the seed in the mind of one of our local journalists to do a piece on this latest realignment work, because I haven't seen one yet (hint, hint).

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  1. This actually has nothing to do with the realignment and has been posted on the web site for quite a while in the projects section.


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