Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Be on the watch for street racers, too

Following yesterday's post about the tagger(s), here's yet another in a series of minor events which, in isolation, probably wouldn't signify anything and wouldn't even really be noticeable, but now we're having an accumulation of minor events that might point to the presence of someone in our midst who is in need of a reality check of the lawful kind.  

Someone tore up Centerpointe Drive last night at 10:48 p.m., racing-style at top speed.
When I encouraged folks to first build their home improvement projects out of cardboard, this is not the kind of thing that I was suggesting.

Screengrabbed from this Cheezburger site.  
If last night had been the first recent time that a racing incident had occurred, I wouldn't think twice about it.  But a few days ago, it was even worse.  Someone was methodically careening around the neighborhood in the middle of the night, treating the cul-de-sacs as skill elements in a slalom course.  You might want to make note of this if you're one of the residents who parks his or her car in the street, because these racers treat those parked cars as course obstacles.  Personally I opt for putting mine inside my garage.

This kind of thing does happen from time to time - have you ever come out of your house on a Saturday morning and noticed that every cul-de-sac in your section has a bunch of fresh tire skid marks on it?  I've seen this in Section 9.  The perpetrators often augment their cul-de-sac spins by fish-tailing down the straight sections of the streets just to emphasize the effect of the skids and to complete their "artistic" calling card (GCDN is getting a lot of paywalled flak for describing the Courthouse Annex tagger as a "graffiti artist").

Anyway, once is an accident, twice is a coincidence, and three times would be a pattern.  If any of you hear racing in progress within the subdivision, please report it by calling League City PD at 281-332-2566.  

My husband and I are going to go over our security recordings to see if we managed to capture any footage on that racer from the other night, but that'll take us a bit of time to accomplish.

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