Sunday, November 10, 2013

Centerpointe's Sunday solicitors

Who are these people, and why did they see fit to enter my private property uninvited before noon on a Sunday morning??
Smile - you're on Candid Camera of sorts.  There is no expectation of privacy for anyone standing in my front yard. 
Perhaps I have a dystopian bent, but every time I hear unexpected adult voices outside my door, my first instinct is always to reach for my camera and stalk the windows behind the blinds.   If I end up dead one day from a home invasion, there'll be a photo of it somewhere. 
It turns out that these folks weren't the usual suspects selling soap or magazine subscriptions - their pamphlet trail indicated that they are Jehovah's Witnesses.  We have a "no soliciting" rule here in the subdivision, but is it enforceable, and if so, by whom and under what circumstances?  I've also never understood why these folks keep soliciting in the first place.  There are 314 million people in America and according to these folks, entry into Heaven will be limited to just 144,000 of the most worthy, which equates to about 0.05% of our total population (ignoring the balance of the rest of the planet).  Do they not think that they've recruited enough by this time?  Who does their math, anyway? 

It seems that I will go through the rest of my Sunday no further enlightened regarding these perplexing questions than I was on Saturday night, because I sure wasn't interested in answering my door this morning. 

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