Friday, June 17, 2011

Mo'e water woe

League City declared a Stage 3 water emergency yesterday, although you might have difficulty confirming this from their homepage this morning, which is still running an eye-catching Stage 1 graphic:
Screengrabbed from around 9:30 a.m.
One recent news commenter wondered if the city manager and assistant manager had perhaps both resigned because of the perceived mis-handling of repairs to the regional water main that broke almost two weeks ago now, and which is largely to blame for our current water shortages and the resulting low water pressures experienced in some areas of the city.

I'll tell you what: if the city doesn't get this thing fixed and real quick, all that animated debate and speculation about the resignations and possible mayoral micromanagement is going to be moot, because citizens will be calling for all of their heads to roll, elected and hired alike.  I went to the LA Fitness on League City Parkway yesterday evening, and the water pressure was so low that no commodes could be flushed, and you can imagine what a delightful sight that was in such a heavily-attended facility.  In other words, at this point, the water issue of highest concern is not whether we should get fined $500 for trying to keep our landscape investments minimally alive - basic public sanitation is being impacted.  After witnessing LA Fitness last night, I'm now starting to refer to "League City" and "Demijohn" in the same breath (and if you don't know the Demijohn story, hit that link because it's an interesting case study in how mismanagement of infrastructure can yield third-world consequences right here in America, right now in the 21st century, and right down the road from us).

Anyway, as we watch to see what happens next, this news article provides information on the Stage 3 water use restrictions that now affect us all.

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