Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Calder crimes, Part 2: Unclear and unfinished

This evening, Houston Chronicle front-paged a prosecution-in-progress that purports to link a specific suspect to the murders that took place in the Calder Road location known as the "Texas Killing Fields" (I initially discussed that subject in an October 2011 blog post). 
Now this comes out??
Screengrabbed from Chron's online front page linking to this article
It's difficult to understand the evolution of this story as written, however, and I'm hoping Galveston Daily News steps forward in the next few days to provide us with a more coherent account.

According to sources including KSDK and Houston Press, both of which initially reported on this back in April 2013, Clyde Hedrick of San Leon was charged with murdering a woman named Ellen Rae Beason in an event which apparently was not previously associated with the Calder Road crimes.  Charges were not brought until recently, after the case was reopened 28 years following her death. 

So reportedly, that was what transpired last April.  If I'm understanding the Chron article correctly, in October 2013, some type of legal notice first tentatively connected the crimes.  Maybe. 

April 2013... October 2013... why we're suddenly hearing about this as front page news now, in January 2014, is a complete mystery to me.  We all hope that the Calder crimes, which were among the most heinous ever committed in America, are finally brought to a resolution.  Fingers crossed that more information will be forthcoming. 

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