Tuesday, January 21, 2014

@CenterBlog: Tweet don't fail me now

I am now tweeting as @CenterBlog.  
Screengrabbed from Twitter. 
Furthermore, I am going to reserve that account for only the most important and interesting local logistical information, with this blog remaining the repository for every other topic.  I will also endeavor to follow other local Tweeters whose information proves to be functionally useful (once I get them identified).

I was reluctant to begin this initiative but I see a clear need for it.  It's a platform through which information can be shared much more dynamically than a blog. 

Yesterday I lamented about the fact that I drove my daughter and her best friend to Baybrook Mall, only to get stuck in a grotesque traffic jam because all of the electricity in the area, including that which powers the traffic lights, was off.  We wasted over an hour dealing with that. 

Back in September, I howled about a localized but extremely-impactful Verizon Wireless outage that had hundreds if not thousands of people running in circles trying to restore their connectivity.  The outage was not reported to Verizon Customer Service, and so many of us were told by Verizon that we had malfunctions with our individual phones.  I wasted valuable chunks of two consecutive days dealing with that one. 

There was no way to find out about either of those messes in advance such that they could be avoided.  And that's just dumb.

In Centerpointe subdivision, we used to have one POA member who would send email alerts when need-to-know situations arose.  But after many years of above-and-beyond-the-call-of-duty activity, that member has since discontinued the neighborhood newsletter and largely discontinued the email alerts as well.  I don't have access to that original emailing list, so I can't engage in any equivalent connectivity using email.  Twitter is the next best thing and might even prove to be more useful because of its ability to link to additional sources of information. 

As I was driving my daughter to school this morning, I encountered something rather undesirable that you'll probably want to avoid.  But you'll have to refer to @CenterBlog to find out about that if you're using a mobile device (the Tweet list should be viewable in the right column if you're viewing on a full-sized device). 

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