Wednesday, January 22, 2014

FIOS failings

Some residents of west-central League City (? extent of affected area unknown) are experiencing a Verizon FIOS slow-down right now and might not even be aware that a specific problem exists (although you may have noticed some general service degradation). 

Simply put, depending on which level of service you chose, you might not be getting the connection speeds that you pay for. 
Obviously this meme is a bit out of date, but I wanted to make the point that FIOS is supposed to have such fast download and upload speeds that there's even a fan hashtag called #spoiledbyFiOS

Screengrabbed from this site
We don't know how many people are affected.  We only know that a technician said that he'd logged at least one other complaint-related call from Centerpointe Section 9, which is our part of the subdivision.

Here's what makes this event noteworthy:  It's been going on for more than two weeks, and as of today, there's still no repair in sight.

My husband signed up to receive automatic updates on the status of the fix.  Here's a screengrab of an email he received back on January 7...
...and those emails are still coming today, January 22!  My husband now has over a hundred emails from Verizon, all with new repair estimation dates. 
Over a hundred emails with new repair date/time estimations?!  What the hell is up with that?!  I never heard of such a thing!

And neither have I heard of a two-week-plus wait time for a "restoral", either.  Here's Verizon's own site for checking your connection speeds (peak hours are the most telling times to test).  I, for one, will be requesting that our bill be adjusted to reflect the service that we've actually been receiving. 
Friends don't let friends drive drunk. 

Friends don't let friends get less than they paid for, either. 

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