Monday, December 9, 2013

New "fast-Med" restaurant in Clear Lake

Fast Mediterranean, that is.
Zoe's Kitchen, on West Bay Area across from Baybrook Mall.  You can just barely make out the Macy's sign in the background. 

It just opened a week or two ago.  My husband asked, "How in the hell did you find out about this place?!"  I replied, "Friggin' Galveston Daily News.  If I want to find out what's happening in southeast Harris County, I have to read the Galveston County newspaper."  It's the news media analog of driving on a parkway and parking on a driveway. 
It touts itself as Mediterranean, but I would describe it more as a hybrid of sorts - like what you'd get if you crossed true Mediterranean with Jason's Deli.
Except you can't get this in Jason's: Steak kabobs. 

If you want to gauge the potential of any restaurant that claims to offer healthier eating, don't order the healthiest thing on the menu.  Get the heaviest thing on the menu, because then you can be reasonably assured that you've bracketed the worst-case fat and calorie scenario. 
 I would describe this kabob plate as a square deal for... I believe it was $12.99 (Zoe's doesn't post prices on the internet; this was pretty much the most expensive item on the menu).  Like just about every American restaurant dish, in my opinion it's too heavily weighted toward meat and too light on the vegetables, but the steak was good quality for that price point.  There weren't nearly enough chunks of onion and red pepper in the kabob, however - those vegetables are a lot of what will give a kabob its taste (my husband found it to be too bland).  

But still, I would eat there again.  And next time I'll try the lighter fare. 

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