Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Currently for sale in 77573

These juxtaposed pics tell much more than the proverbial 1,000 words.

Think about what is represented above.  Think outside the box and then scratch your head in disbelief.  Why is it that the one commodity that will materially influence the course of your health and your life is the only commodity that you cannot buy up? 

If you work hard, get an education, and steward your assets, then you can afford to avail yourself of more than the entry-level offering in every local consumer category except the most important one of all:  FOOD.  And that's because the higher-end option is simply not for sale - not locally. 

And remember that this situation is even worse than it appears at first glance, because implicit in that average family grocery calculation is the assumption that much of the food being purchased does actually qualify as being edible and nutritious, which is often not the case.
As I've shown time and time again, it is often impossible to find a reasonable selection of vegetables.  Comparison photos above showing best-available grocery store bought baby bok choy and one growing in my own back yard.  Pic from "More swan songs about buildings and food" which in turn was predicated on "More ugly pictorial truth". 
I know I keep harping on this issue, but I reckon that, the more I find additional innovative ways to illustrate the same point, the more likely it will be that the paradigm will start to shift for people.  This situation is crazy.  Buying a fancier car or house will not do you the least bit of good, except perhaps it might inflate your ego, but the ego is usually the antithesis of what will keep you healthy, feeling well, and living long. 

This post was inspired by an unknown woman past whom I jogged the other night.  She lived in a bigger, fancier, more expensive Centerpointe house than mine, but she was quite literally three times my mass while being the same height.  She and about a hundred million other Americans like her won't live long, and they won't feel good while they're living, until this situation and its underlying paradigms fundamentally change. 

Photo credits above:  Houses from har.com, street views from Google.

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