Sunday, August 25, 2013

The mess on Todville

You can see people walking around in these photos, because that's arguably the only sane way to traverse this area right now:
Where there used to be a road:  Todville at 10th Street in Seabrook, as of yesterday (August 24, 2013). 
It's not a happy place for a major construction project because you have to forget about getting there via the base of the Kemah bridge.  The only way through is to go all the way north to 2nd Street and double back on Todville.  But they haven't compensated for this detour by adjusting the traffic signal at 2nd Street / NASA 1 and Hwy 146, and so you will sit there for-ev-er waiting to get back the way you came.
It's no picnic driving on Waterfront Drive either, where there is barely any right-of-way defined. 
About which you might ask:  Why even go to Waterfront Drive, especially if you have to deal with the likes of that?!

Because that's where the fish markets are, including Rose's Seafood, Golden Seafood, and others.  Somewhere in this ridiculous stack of blog posts, I've griped previously about not being able to buy decent fin fish or shellfish in our local grocery stores (I wonder will this finally change now that Fresh Market is coming to Clear Lake?!).  And with my recent harvests of okra and bell pepper, I needed Gulf shrimp so I could make jambalaya. 
It has to be done with fresh Gulf shrimp, our shrimp.  It simply doesn't work with that farm-raised, alfalfa-tasting stuff imported from Asia, but that's what I find in mainstream grocery stores. 
Anyway, here's hoping they get that mess resolved soon, because it certainly was affecting businesses down there.  I literally had my order of shrimp out of Rose's front door in less than three minutes on a Saturday afternoon, when the place should have been its usual avalanche of seafood seekers standing in long lines.
Some with seafood bags in hand, but the faint of heart appeared not to be making the trip either on foot or by car yesterday. 

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