Friday, August 2, 2013

GCARC de non-triomphe

Sad news from Galveston County Animal Resource Center (GCARC), which appears to be suffering a leadership crisis of the most profound type.
Back in June of this year, when I passed on the information about the shelter reaching capacity, I could not have imagined the allegations that are now surfacing.  We didn't witness anything remotely like the conditions now being described when we adopted our dog from GCARC.  The staff and volunteers at that time (3 years ago) were wonderful and the animals were well cared for (we went into the kennel areas on two occasions and saw a great deal of the facilities).  And we did our adoption BEFORE the shelter's $5 million physical expansion, back when they had far more modest accomodations. 
But we were also there BEFORE Kim Schoolcraft resigned as its leader amidst an initial wave of controversy.  Could these factors be related?

The shelter has been the subject of at least one expose' presented by KHOUVolunteer groups are disgusted with the status quo, and just as an army marches on its stomach, an animal shelter marches on its volunteer base, so losing them is the kiss of death. 

Discussions are underway on how to resolve the problems, possibly via out-sourcing of its management.  Whatever happens, I hope a turnaround can occur quickly, for the sake of all involved. 

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