Tuesday, August 20, 2013

In which a backyard burrower is relocated

Too, too cute!!!
Just a wee one hunkering down trying to avoid his Kodak moment.  Virginia opossum

I knew I'd find him sooner or later.  The enthusiastically-dug hole at the base of our outdoor shed was a dead giveaway that we had increased our homestead head count.  Fortunately, I got to him before our dog did.

See all the wildlife warnings in the turtle rescue post.  Opossums are not known to carry transmissible zoonotic diseases, but they are well-supplied with teeth and claws.  Note the firm grasp of the neck to immobilize the business end of the critter. 
I enjoy these funky guys, and the Wildlife Center of Texas has a post describing why they are actually kinda good to have around.  However, this little "sanitation engineer" would likely clean up my current crop of vegetables, so I decided he needed a relocation package.
I bet this bucket wasn't on his bucket list.  He got a send-off with a strawberry but wasn't interested in eating it.  I took him over to the open fields surrounding the stormwater retention ponds where hopefully he will be able to develop a prosperous future for himself. 

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