Wednesday, February 15, 2012

CCISD zoning revisited

FYI, about a year ago I published a post describing how Centerpointe is zoned with respect to public high schools.  The whole thing is fairly confusing and involves a systematic migration away from the original zoned high school (Clear Springs) and into Clear Creek High School.  This was the original CCISD implementation schedule I posted at that time:
I can't reference a refreshed URL pertaining to this table, because I can no longer find it on CCISD's website.  Their zoning boundary maps are published here, but there is no associated discussion of an interim implementation scheme that I can locate. 

All of this is relevant because my child recently received several computer-generated communications indicating that she is still zoned to Clear Springs, at least according to CCISD's computers, despite the fact that they apparently made these changes well over a year ago.  If you have a child transitioning to high school, verify your paperwork carefully, and don't necessarily take everything at initial face value.  I submitted a request for confirmation just to make sure that nothing has changed regarding the transitions described above, and I'll comment below if I learn anything important.

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